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Bordeaux is a city with a long history and enough attractions to keep you entertained for several days. The principal sights are relatively close together and most are easily reached from the magnificent Grand Théâtre or from the huge central square, Esplanade des Quinconces. The relatively new tram system makes the city’s main attractions even more accessible. If it is your first visit to Bordeaux, be sure to walk out onto the Pont de Pierre, Bordeaux’s oldest bridge, for great views of the Porte de Bourgogne and the stone buildings lining the quayside, where a regeneration project has brought new life to the area. If the sun is shining, Bordeaux is a a great day out from Camping Le Ruisseau in southern Aquitaine.

Bordeaux is one of France’s oldest trading ports, with its wealth built on wine. The Romans were among those who took advantage of the city’s coastal position and proximity to plentiful vineyards. When the marriage of Eleanor of Aquitaine and the future Henry II brought the western half of France under English rule in the 12th century, the city enjoyed a vast upsurge in revenue. Many wine merchants became wealthy and their legacy lives on in the elegant mansions and palaces they built. The 18th century, in particular, sealed the city’s reputation, and many of the great monuments date from that time. Like Paris, only a century earlier, the city underwent reconstruction with the creation of wide boulevards, public gardens and the colonnaded Grand Théâtre. During this time, wealth was also boosted from trade with the colonies in sugar, spices and coffee.

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By EuroParcs G+ 28/06/2013