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Hostage is the story of Paul and Rachel Chandler who were held by Somali Pirates for a year after being captured on their sailing boat.

The book is a good read although EuroParcs Bookclub members felt there were some gaps in the story which left you with many questions, one being how did the family get the money in order to have Paul and Rachel released.

The couple were kept hostage separately and Paul’s account of how he was treated is very different to his wife’s.  Paul tried to get on with the hostages but his wife found unable to try and build any relationship with her captors.  Bookclub members agreed that she had perhaps been treated more unfavourably than him and wondered if it was because she was a woman.

The book made you realise how vulnerable this couple were and how lucky they were to come out of it alive and the impact it had on their families must have been terrible yet the book does not really give any insight into how the family coped.

Perhaps this is why people choose a EuroParcs European camping holiday – it is safe, with experts to advise you on the best places to go and absolutely no chance of being held captive!!!

The next book we will be reviewing is entitled The Return of Captain John Emmett by Elizabeth Speller.