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Camping In The Alps

A picturesque campsite in the Jura, Vosges & Alps mountain ranges

In the east of France, just north of the French Alps and sharing a border with Switzerland, the Jura Mountain Range enjoys a wonderful Alpine climate. The physical beauty of the Jura region is characterised by deep gorges, rugged mountains, pine forests and crashing waterfalls – a perfect natural backdrop for a camping holiday.

From the high peaks and hilly landscape of Jura, the land gives way to verdant vineyards, glacial lakes and flowery meadows towards the Vosges range as it joins with the Lorraine region of France. The diversity of the region and it’s striking scenery make it an enduring favourite for campers from all over the UK and Europe.

Camping in Jura and the Alps

Why go camping in the Alps

Alpine Activities

Jura and its surrounding areas see an influx of tourists during winter who come here for skiing, ice-skating and sledging. During summer, those camping in the Alps can take a more relaxed approach to their holidays with options for hiking, boating on one of the many lakes and golf. The region has many marked hiking routes, including the 310km Jura Ridge route, parts of which are well suited to beginners and little legs.

The Alps present myriad opportunities for exciting camping activities

Off the Slopes

As a wine producing region, much of the Jura range is covered with vineyards which are often open for tours. Many events in the area revolve around the Jura’s wine-making roots including the Wine Producers Picnic, held annually in June. Lakes spread across Jura including Lake Abbaye, Lake Chalain and the five lakes of Le Frasnois are surrounded by inland beaches. Always popular with our Alpine campers, at Lake Chalain Neolithic buildings were found when the water level dropped; two prehistoric houses were rebuilt on the shore and still stand today.

Dining in the Jura, Vosges and Alps

Cheese dominates in the Alpine areas of eastern France. Locals enjoy a fondue Brochette Jurassiene, pieces of cheese wrapped in ham and deep fried. Throughout the Jura and Alp regions, cuisine is strongly influenced by German and Swiss fare. Potato dishes are popular; the most specific to the area being Tartiflette, A German inspired gratin made from potatoes, reblochon cheese, onions and bacon.

Getting to your camping holiday in the Alps

The best way to access Jura, Vosges and the Alps from the UK is to fly into the international Airport at Geneva. From Geneva, it is a two hour train ride to Andelot Station where you will disembark to your campsite in the French Alps.