August 09, 2023

5 activities on holiday in October

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Get away from it all in October, while the leaves change colour and fall. The sun may be shining through the trees or it may be pouring down... That's autumn! But there's no need to get bored on holiday. Certainly not with our 5 tips for an unforgettable autumn holiday at EuroParcs!

1. Discover the local museums

2. A day of shopping

3. Take an autumn walk

4. Baking together

5. Wellness at the holiday park

1. Discover the local museums

Immerse yourself in the interesting museums near your holiday park. There is something for everyone! For example, learn more about the area in a history museum or get inspired in an art museum.

A museum is also a great outing for a holiday with kids. Sometimes parents and carers may wonder whether a museum is suitable for children, but it's an experience they won't soon forget and from which they can learn a lot.

For example, choose a holiday park near Amsterdam and visit the Rijksmuseum or NEMO Science Museum. From holiday park EuroParcs Buitenhuizen, holiday park EuroParcs Spaarnwoude and holiday park EuroParcs Het Amsterdamse Bos, you can easily reach the centre of Amsterdam!

Amsterdam Rijksmuseum Senior holiday couple visits city, culture, museums and church near EuroParcs Aan De Maas

2. Shopping day

Shopping during bad weather adds a surprising and cosy dimension to the holidays. The drops on the windows and the sound of rain create a cosy atmosphere. The ideal time to seek the warmth of cosy shops! Moreover, shops tend to be quieter, allowing you to look around and try them on in peace.

Explore local shops in the area, for example, for a nice holiday souvenir. Choose delicious location products or search for that one piece of clothing you have been looking for for a long time. In addition, indoor shopping malls offer a perfect refuge from heavy rain or storms, where you can shop, eat and relax under one roof. So, although the weather may sometimes seem gloomy, shopping can be a cosy experience that can certainly brighten your mood.

For example, opt for a day of shopping at Batavia Stad Fashion Outlet, which is just a short drive from holiday park EuroParcs Zuiderzee. Or visit Designer Outlet Roermond, close to holiday park EuroParcs Limburg and holiday park EuroParcs Maasduinen.

Christmas couple Senior holiday couple on city break at EuroParcs Aan De Maas holiday park

3. Take an autumn hike

October is the time to put on your adventurous shoes and go on an enchanting autumn walk with your friends or during a nice family holiday! As the leaves turn into the most brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow, you can look for hidden chestnuts and shiny acorns lying on the ground. Listen to the crunching sound of the leaves under your feet as you walk along winding paths.

Remember to dress warmly and bring your favourite thermos of hot chocolate to enjoy along the way. An autumn walk in October is a magical adventure that will awaken your senses and fill your heart with wonder at the beauty of nature in this colourful season! The perfect period for a holiday at a holiday park at the Veluwe for example.

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4. Baking together

During an autumn holiday in a cosy holiday home, baking is a delicious and creative activity to enjoy together or with children. As the wind blows outside and raindrops tap against the window, you can don your aprons and turn the kitchen in your holiday home into a baking paradise.

Let the little ones help mix batter for creamy pumpkin muffins or knead dough for shortbread biscuits. As the baking slowly cooks in the oven and the delicious smell spreads in the room, and you can enjoy warm treats together straight from the oven. Autumn baking brings not only delicious flavours but also precious moments of togetherness and lasting memories!

EuroParcs Zuiderzee Velthorst 4 Kitchen Family with kids Enhuizer Strand

5. Wellness on the holiday park

In October, a wellness experience on a holiday park offers a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and possibly the cold! With the option of a private sauna or hot tub in your holiday home, you can immerse yourself in blissful warmth while the rain gently taps on the window, the perfect way to release tension.

For those looking for ultimate pampering, a wellness centre on the holiday park offers an oasis of calm and renewal. Get heated in a sauna or take a dip in a heated pool. Whether you choose an intimate moment of tranquillity in your own accommodation or the luxury of a wellness centre, a wellness experience at a holiday park in October is the ideal way to bask and recharge yourself amid the enchanting atmosphere of autumn.

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