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Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

Recreational Use The accommodation selected by you may only be used for recreational purposes. A conflicting use with recreational purposes means in any case:

  • Use for (temporary) housing in connection with the lack of an actual residential address elsewhere.

  • Use for (temporary) housing in connection with work.

  • Use for commercial purposes in any form.

  • Any other use contrary to local laws and regulations.

If the recreational purposes are violated, EuroParcs is entitled to terminate the agreement with immediate effect, without EuroParcs having to pay any compensation. Termination can take place before or after arrival at the park.

If cancellation takes place by EuroParcs, due to a non-recreational stay, fourteen days before the arrival date or earlier, you owe EuroParcs  fifty percent (50%) of the total amount of the reservation.

If cancellation takes place while you are staying in the accommodation, you are obliged to vacate the accommodation. You must then leave the accommodation and the park immediately. You are not entitled to a refund of (part of) the amount of the reservation. You are also not entitled to reimbursement of any (additional) travel and/or accommodation costs.

If you dispute a possible rental termination, you can submit the matter to the Recreation Dispute Commission. We refer to the website of the Dispute Commission (de


EuroParcs is authorized to request a deposit in advance from all guests who rent a holiday home. The deposit is a maximum of € 100.00 per person. If no damage is found in or to the property after rental and inspection, the (remaining) amount will be refunded within 3 weeks. In case of damage or missing items, the guest will receive an invoice. Causing nuisance can also be a reason to withhold the deposit.

Access to accommodation (contactless)

If you pick up the keys to your accommodation via a safe or otherwise contactless, you and your guests are required to report to reception before 12:00 noon on the day following your arrival. At the reception you will be asked for your identification documents.

By entering into the reservation you agree to the above conditions. You retain the right to cancel under the conditions specified.

Download the terms and conditions in PDF:

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