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Holiday parks in South Holland

Sun, beach and sea in South Holland

If you like water, nature, sea, city and beach: then choose the category: holiday parks South Holland. Beautiful views over the water or the exciting dense vegetation of National Park De Biesbosch. Here you can enjoy the peace and quiet on the beach, in nature or visit the lively bustle of the city.

Region South Holland

The South Holland region has many faces. With the vast North Sea and large rivers on the one side and the dense vegetation of nature reserves such as De Biesbosch on the other. And ranging from vast polders to the busy Rotterdam port area. This region has it all. How about historic Dordrecht and Hellevoetsluis opposite modern Rotterdam? The university city of Leiden or The Hague are alsof worth a visit. It is precisely this variety that makes the province of South Holland so unique.

Holiday South-Holland

This province is also sometimes praised for its Green Heart. South Holland is a popular province for a holiday in the Netherlands, with beautiful beaches, charming villages and interesting cities such as Rotterdam and The Hague. However, you might think that this region in the South of the Netherlands, but it is not. This region lies on the west coast of the Netherlands. EuroParcs has several holiday parks in South Holland. A number of parks are located a short distance from the beach and offer all the comforts and conveniences for a carefree holiday. You can just leave the car, you can cycle or walk there. And a day without going to the beach? Then you can always enjoy yourself at the park or explore the area!

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Inspiration in Rotterdam

We have already listed the highlights for you!