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Would you like to find out more about holidays in a Tiny House or do you want to buy your own Tiny House? Then you've come to the right place. Discover the various options for a Tiny House holiday and find out more about the Tiny House movement and the Tiny Houses at EuroParcs itself.

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Includes taxes and surcharges based on 2 pers.
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2 Bedroom

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Includes taxes and surcharges based on 2 pers.
Max. 4
2 Bedroom

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Includes taxes and surcharges based on 2 pers.
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Includes taxes and surcharges based on 2 pers.
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Includes taxes and surcharges based on 2 pers.

Rent a Tiny House

Since 2017 you have been able to book unique tiny houses in several of our holiday parks. They were contrived, designed and built with one mission: to make your vacation even more sustainable. Thanks to their clever layout, these small accommodations offer a lot of luxury and comfort.

All of our tiny houses are suitable for 2 people, some even for 4 people. These small, detached holiday homes offer a cozy stay in our EuroParcs holiday parks. They give you the feeling of being able to focus on what's important again and are equipped with everything you need for a vacation in a tiny house. So you can concentrate on spending time together during your stay in a tiny house.

The big advantage of a tiny house is that it is very sustainably built and allows for an environmentally friendly vacation. Like this, you combine a sustainable vacation with relaxation and a good feeling. Discover our large selection of tiny houses for rent now.


What is a Tiny House?

A question that many people are probably asking themselves – what exactly is a tiny house? There is no correct definition for this. The origin of the name can definitely be found in the United States. In the wake of the financial and real estate crisis in the USA in 2007 and 2008, the “Tiny House Movement” was formed.

Many people could no longer afford to live and pay rent in big cities and were looking for an alternative. This is how the idea came about to focus on the essentials and important things when it comes to living - and the idea of ​​building small, functional houses.

Therefore, a tiny house can most easily be described as a small residential or holiday home that is only equipped with the essentials for living and is therefore characterized by sustainability and environmental friendliness. In the USA, tiny houses often have wheels and can be set up in different locations. However, this form of “tiny house on wheels” is rather unusual in Europe. Here, the small houses are permanently installed in beautiful places and serve as holiday homes or homes.


Tiny House design

The tiny houses in the middle of the Netherlands offer everything your heart desires: enough space thanks to intelligent use of space, luxury through innovative technology and the comfort of a slim design.

The size and loving design of the tiny houses give them a romantic exterior, while the modern, fully equipped interior leaves nothing to be desired. Large windows create an open character and ensure that the tiny house is flooded with light during the day.

The rooms also exude modern luxury thanks to high-quality furniture - from the sleeping area to the bathroom and from the kitchen to the living area, the tiny houses are modern and tastefully furnished. But make up your own mind and book your getaway in a tiny house.

Discover the comfort in a Tiny House

In the tiny houses you will experience what it is like to spend a sustainable and minimalist vacation. But don't think you're missing out on anything in our tiny houses. On the contrary, you will experience an unforgettable vacation. Close to nature and in a very tastefully furnished holiday home, we leave nothing to be desired!

With an intelligent layout, you can enjoy a lot of luxury and, above all, cosiness in a small accommodation. All tiny houses are suitable for two people, some even for four people. Book a great weekend in a tiny house now!


Tiny House in the middle of nature

Spend the night in the middle of nature - between trees in hidden forests or right by the water. In our tiny houses that are available in many holiday parks, you will find everything you need in a minimal amount of space. The rooms are designed in such a way that they are still very open and offer plenty of space.

The small houses impress with a beautiful interior, a great design and their natural look blends in with nature. Here, nothing stands in the way of a great family vacation, a romantic getaway or even a relaxing vacation.

Dog friendly holidays in nature are also a great opportunity for you and your favorite four-legged friend to relax, play and spend valuable time together.

Rent a Tiny House in the Veluwe

How about a night in a tiny house at the Veluwe, the largest forest area in the Netherlands? An overnight stay here is a real experience. For example, discover the tiny houses at EuroParcs Bad Hoophuizen. From there you can reach the beach on foot - you can hike, swim, surf or take a boat ride. This park is located on the Veluwemeer, which is a very big lake close to the Veluwe forest.

The tiny houses at EuroParcs De Hooge Veluwe offer you exactly what you can expect from a holiday in the nature of the Veluwe. The park is very spacious, is located in the middle of the forest and the entrance to the national park is right next door. The Veluwe offers everything you could wish for during a relaxing holiday in the countryside. It is the top location for your tiny house vacation. Check out the tiny house offers at EuroParcs De Hooge Veluwe and experience it for yourself.

Tiny House Beekbergen

The tiny houses in Beekbergen are very popular. At EuroParcs Beekbergen you live in the middle of nature right in the Veluwe, well hidden in the forest between Beekbergen and Loenen.

Discover the tiny houses at EuroParcs Beekbergen, enjoy the beautiful green of the trees, listen to the birds and relax on your tiny house terrace in the evening. Here you can enjoy the last rays of sunshine falling through the trees with a nice drink.

Tiny House in Otterlo

At EuroParcs De Wije Werelt in Otterlo you will find beautiful tiny houses. From here you can hike or cycle directly in the De Hoge Veluwe National Park. Starting from your tiny house in Otterlo, you can experience the 'Big Five' of the Veluwe up close on a walk through the beautiful nature: highland cattle, deer, red deer, wild boars and foxes. In addition to the tiny houses at EuroParcs De Wije Werelt, there is also a unique range of nature houses.

During your holiday in a tiny house at EuroParcs De Zanding you can also get a little closer to the animal world and observe deer, badgers and foxes up close. The beautiful sand dunes and the natural lake are also a real eye-catcher in this holiday park that will surprise you again and again. A tiny house vacation makes your time out in nature a real experience!


Rent a Tiny House by the lake

You can also rent tiny houses in many of our holiday parks, which are located directly at or near a lake. Here you can perfectly combine the charm of the cozy tiny houses with water-related activities.

EuroParcs Bad Hoophuizen and EuroParcs Veluwemeer are located directly at the Veluwemeer with their own lake access. Both holiday parks have a beach where you can take walks, do sports and unwind. For those who prefer to be out and about in and on the water, there is a water sports center and boat rentals.

It is also possible to rent a tiny house at the lake with a direct view of the water. At EuroParcs De IJssel Eilanden you can rent the Solo Retreat 4 with a direct lake view. The holiday park is located at the Reevemeer lake and even has its own marina.

Solo Retreat 4 can also be booked at EuroParcs De Wiedense Meren with a view of the water. This holiday park also has a marina, as well as stand-up paddling and boat rentals.

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The right Tiny House for your holiday

Whether you want a Tiny House with a bubble bath, by the water or in the middle of the most beautiful nature. At EuroParcs, you will always find the right Tiny House for your holiday.

Tiny house vacation by the North Sea

Our EuroParcs holiday parks near the North Sea are particularly popular due to their fantastic location. Would you also like to go on holiday in a tiny house by the sea? Then EuroParcs Poort van Zeeland is exactly the right holiday park for you, as it is located in the immediate vicinity of the beach.

There are other great things to do in the area surrounding EuroParcs Poort van Zeeland, such as the Rockanje Beach with a cute beach café and a kitesurfing school. The De Efteling theme park is also just an hour's drive from the holiday park.

The pretty tiny houses for 4 people are beautifully located and equipped with a fireplace for cold days and an beautiful terrace for warm days. The tiny house is perfect for families with two children as they have a comfortable sleeping loft for the children and a separate bedroom for the parents.

EuroParcs Poort van Zeeland Tiny House 4 exteriorEuroParcs Poort van Zeeland Tiny House 4 interior

Tiny House with hot tub

Many of the tiny houses for rent are grouped together, so you can vacation with several families or friends in tiny houses next to each other. These tiny house groups are connected by a beautiful garden in the centre with a hot tub for shared use.

Tiny House with hot tub in the Veluwe

You can find a beautiful tiny house with a hot tub at EuroParcs Beekbergen. You can choose between tiny houses for two people, a tiny house for three people or a tiny house for four people, with the option of using the shared hot tub! What could be more relaxing? Find your tiny house at EuroParcs Beekbergen now!

Tiny House with hot tub near the beach

In the middle of the Spaarnwoude recreation area, close to the beach, you will find the tiny houses at EuroParcs Buitenhuizen, where you can book a holiday in a tiny house with a hot tub. In addition to the beach and sea, you can also take a dip in the pool there. Discover the picturesque landscape and all the facilities of EuroParcs Buitenhuizen and enjoy your tiny house holiday with a hot tub!


Tiny House holiday

Which type of Tiny House holiday do you prefer?

Tiny Houses Inspiration

Would you like to get more information about your tiny house holiday at EuroParcs and find out what a holiday in a tiny house could look like? Then let yourself be inspired by our tiny house video or take a look at our tiny house blog!

By the way, you can also find our beautiful tiny houses on Instagram under Tiny House by EuroParcs. Have you already visited a tiny house? Then let us know how you liked it using the hashtag #tinyhouseseuroparcs.

Can you buy a Tiny House?

Yes! You can buy a tiny house or even build it yourself! The original movement has now developed into a real trend across Europe and demand for purchases has been steadily increasing for several years. Many people want to either vacation in a tiny house or even own their own.

However, if you are thinking about buying a tiny house, there are a lot of things you need to consider. Depending on which country you want to build a tiny house in, you will need to obtain a few permits. For example, in Germany you need a plot of land and a building permit for your tiny house and a few other things also need to be taken into account.

How much does a Tiny House cost?

If you want to save yourself the stress, you can of course also buy a finished tiny house from EuroParcs! We now offer you the opportunity to buy a tiny house in the middle of nature or even near the water in many holiday parks in the Netherlands.

For example, in the new EuroParcs Hindeloopen on the edge of the beautiful IJsselmeer lake, you will find comfortably furnished tiny houses that leave nothing to be desired. You can also buy your own tiny house at EuroParcs Poort van Maastricht, which is just a stone's throw from the German-Dutch border.

Here you can have your coffee in the morning with a view of the beautiful surrounding nature. If you are looking for a real wellness gem, EuroParcs Beekbergen is the right choice - there are even tiny houses with their own hot tub.

Prices vary depending on size, location and amenities. If you would like to look at different tiny houses for sale including price, you can look around and get advice on our EuroParcs Sales page.

Tiny House 2 EuroParcs Poort Van Maastricht