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Holidays at EuroParcs

Book a holiday? Discover all EuroParcs holiday destinations, choose the best and book your best holiday with EuroParcs. Holidays are a must! Looking for baby friendly holiday destinations or would you like to take advantage of the school holidays and public holidays? Experience together the ultimate holiday feeling at one of our holiday parks. Tip! Take advantage of our holiday deals if you want to book a weekend, midweek or week away. With whom do you enjoy which season the most?

Beautifull holiday destinations

Which holiday destination would you prefer? Holiday by the North Sea or a holiday in the mountains of Austria?

Holidays 2024

Enjoy the summer at one of our holiday parks and treat yourself to a great vacation. Looking for a holiday in the autumn months? Book a wonderful holiday in 2024 during the colourful autumn. Perfect time for a holiday in nature. Then comes winter, offering the chance to enjoy a white winter holiday at one of our beautiful holiday destinations in Austria. Come and enjoy Christmas together and combine your stay with a visit to one of the popular Christmas markets at the end of November or in December near our holiday parks. Celebrating New Year's Eve on a holiday park? Discover our firework-free holiday parks!

Holidays 2025

Once the turn of the year has passed, winter will still be in full swing. Are you already in the starting position to book a summer holiday? The holidays are over, the days are short, often dark and gloomy. How nice is it to already be able to look forward to a holiday in 2025? Think of a wonderful winter sports holiday in January or book a weekend, midweek or week away as a mini holiday in February 2025, Why wait until spring starts and spring awakens? Discover the public holidays for inspiration or book a late summer holiday in advance!


School holidays

Going on holiday is of course what you love most, getting away from it all with the people closest to you. If you are bound to the school holiday periods or building holiday, check out our offer according to the school holidays, such as: Christmas holidays, spring holidays or May holidays.

Public Holidays

Book a short break and combine it with one of the public holidays, such as Carnival, Easter or Pentecost? Good idea! Sometimes that's the perfect time to get away from it all. Want to get away for 3 days? A weekend break is booked! You often have a 4-day holiday due to the holidays, which is perfect for booking a mini holiday and you can easily get away for a few days in the Netherlands or another beautifull holiday destination.

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High season 2023 and low season

High season. Look forward to the best time of the year: your holidays! Each month can have a different favourite holiday destination and booking a holiday in low season has many advantages: lower prices, more availability, peace and quiet and space. When will you go?

The ideal holiday destination in January, February or March? Go on winter sports or camping on a winter campsite with a wonderful wellness break among the white mountains of Austria! Which holiday destination in April, May and June is best? If it's spring and pre-summer is on the horizon, that's the perfect time for an active cycling holiday or golfing holiday!

What's the best holiday destination for you in July, August or September? Catch the warm rays of the sun during summer on a holiday park with swimming pool or enjoy a holiday by the water, by the sea or in nature in late summer! The ideal holiday destinations in October, November and December party month? Go out with your dog, book a holiday home with wellness or go for Christmas walks to warm up afterwards with a delicious cup of coffee, tea or chocolate milk.

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Choose your favourite holiday period! Book your 2023 holiday this autumn or book your 2024 holiday ahead. Which season is your favorite holiday time?

Weekend, midweek or a week away

From a weekend break, midweek break or a week away. How long do you squeeze out?

Baby friendly holidays

From babymoon, holidays with baby or toddler to going on holiday with your toddler or preschooler?

With who are you going on holiday?

On holiday with children, holiday with the dog, a family holiday or a romantic stay for two. You have found it!

Holiday deals

Discover all holiday deals on our holiday offers page. Do you want to book your holiday last minute because you want to wait for the weather for a last minute holiday in the Netherlands? To take advantage of a favourable last minute holiday deal, that's where you want to be. Or do you want to be sure of the best spot at the holiday park or campsite? Then check out our early booking discounts to enjoy the most ideal deal and score the most inexpensive holiday.

All holiday countries

What is you favorit holiday country? Special for you all EuroParcs' holiday countries are listed for you: