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Experience the May Holidays together at EuroParcs

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Enjoy the spring sun and the blooming tulips during the May holidays. Go out with your household, partner or family or enjoy the peace and quiet in your cozy chalet or luxury accommodation at one of our EuroParcs holiday parks.

Full of spring

During the May holiday you will be surrounded by beautiful nature that is in full bloom. The May holiday is not called the tulip holiday for nothing: this period falls around the peak of the tulip bloom! Go cycling or walking through the fields and enjoy all the beautiful colors that the beautiful season has to offer.

Enjoy together

The May holiday is the perfect holiday to explore the most beautiful places together, to light the barbecue again or to play outside and make friends. In short: time for and with each other again. Even when it rains, you can enjoy a comfortable and luxurious holiday indoors at EuroParcs.

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