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Holiday parks in Drenthe

Back to the basics in Drenthe

Wide areas, forests and moors. In Drenthe you will find plenty of space and you can go back to the basics. Cross one of the three National Parks in the primordial province. Or visit one of the idyllic villages and take a look at the famous dolmens.

Region Drenthe

It is not without reason that Drenthe is called the primeval province. The vast nature reserves beg for a walk or a bike ride. Drenthe has no fewer than three national parks: Drents Friese Wold National Park, Dwingelderveld National Park and Drentsche Aa National Park, each with its own charm. And if you are in Drenthe, you should of course see a dolmen with your own eyes. Dolmens are the oldest monuments in the Netherlands and have no name, but a number. In the Ice Age they traveled from the north to Drenthe. You can find 47 of these dolmens along the Hunebedhighway, Route 66 of the Netherlands. The largest is in Borger, but you can also admire them in Eext and Drouwen. Another attraction is the Colonies of Benevolence. The former inland colonies are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and were established in 1818 to combat poverty. In Drenthe you will find a number, including Frederiksoord and Wilhelminaoord. If you are going for an adventure, a visit to Wildlands Adventure Zoo in Emmen is a must!

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Inspiration in Drenthe

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