Review policy EuroParcs

How we use your rating

At EuroParcs, we care a lot about your opinion. Every guest who, has booked through our own website and has stayed at one of our holiday parks, will be sent a survey. As a result, all reviews are actually from our holiday guests. In this way, we hope to improve our service, partly through your opinion, and help future holiday guests make a choice.

From our online review program, a survey consisting of two parts is sent out. The first part of this survey serves as operational guidance information. In it, the guest is asked which topics they would like to rate, such as reception, facilities or cleaning. It also asks for a rating and any comments on this. This information does not go through to our website but is used internally for the parks and staff where they have stayed.

In the second part of the online questionnaire, the guest is specifically asked for a rating from 1 to 10, clearly indicating in advance that this rating will be used for the website. These questions are not mandatory and the guest can continue with the survey without giving marks or explanations. In this survey, the guest is asked for a grade on topics such as the holiday accommodation, location and surroundings, catering, hospitality, the staff and an optional comment they would like to give future guests about the park and the surroundings outside the park. The filler of the survey can choose to post the review anonymously or only with his/her first name.

These answers are stored and posted on the website. An exception to this is when:

  • Curse words are used in the review

  • Names of employees are mentioned

  • Other privacy-sensitive information

Should the above occur, these reviews will not be forwarded.