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Holidays by the water

Waterfront holidays?

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Nothing beats a holiday by the water. The fresh wind in your hair, views over the water and walks on the beach provide total tranquillity. Many of our holiday parks are located directly on the water. From the Dutch coast to the lakes in Carinthia, you are sure to find one for your relaxing holiday by the water in our wide range of holiday parks.

Where will you spend your waterfront holiday?

Inspiration for your holiday by the water

A holiday on the water brings a smile to your face

Always assured of a soft landing. Ideal for frolicking, splashing, playing in other ways or just swimming. Water symbolizes relaxation and a holiday by the water means a successful get-together with your family. Are you also going for a holiday that is guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of young and older? Then discover the party with the nicest holiday parks on the water. Discover the party that has locations by the sea, lakes and major rivers so that you can enjoy yourself with a capital G. Discover EuroParcs.

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Are you looking for a holiday on the water in the Netherlands?

A holiday on the water in the Netherlands stands for versatility at EuroParcs. From splashing fun for the children to paddling for those who want to enjoy more in silence. From a panoramic view from a rented sloop over the sparkling water surface to sunbathing on the beaches at the holiday park. From romping around on the play equipment in the swimming pool or even the side arm of a large river to relaxing swimming and taking surfing lessons: we stand for the holiday vitamins that make you come home reborn after the holiday!

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Are you looking for a holiday on the water with your dog?

The strength of EuroParcs is that a lot is possible in terms of coloring the holiday. A holiday on the water with a boat? A holiday on the water with the dog, your most loyal friend? It's all possible, your way. For example, enjoy the sight of your four-legged friend swimming in the water or the image that he jumps up when you have a bite at one of the fish ponds at the holiday park. Whatever your reason for coming, it doesn't matter: you can relax at EuroParcs.

Are you looking for a holiday on the water with a boat?

Our complete package is distinctive. Not only because of the presence of indoor and outdoor swimming pools and beaches. Not only because each of the holiday parks is located in the middle of nature and yet not far from urban centers. Not only because EuroParcs also takes care of the inner man through catering and mini supermarkets. No, you also choose EuroParcs because you can moor a boat in a marina in or near the parks. Because besides the baths there are also many other indoor and outdoor facilities where the family can enjoy themselves, such as playgrounds, indoor play paradises and multifunctional sports centers. In short, EuroParcs inspires every day.

Are you looking for a holiday on the water with comfort?

Moreover, at EuroParcs, 'the basis' is already high-quality. From the nostalgic tiny houses to the cozy cottages and from the airy pavilions that symbolize the free feeling of the holiday to luxurious villas with a sauna and/or a hot tub: we offer a varied range of accommodation. After all, we know that a holiday by the water only really has added value after a good night's sleep. The place should also feel like home so that each day's adventures are discussed and relived at the dining table with a twinkle in the eye! It is then up to you to give your stay even more shine, for example by making it a holiday on the water with a boat or a holiday on the water with a dog. In short, we outline the conditions, you color the overall picture into the perfect holiday!

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