Green Key

EuroParcs holiday parks with Green Key label

In recent years, the attention for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), caring about the environment and sustainability in business has increased. More and more companies have a quality mark in the form of, for example, a Green Key. We from Team EuroParcs are proud that more and more of our parks are allowed to carry this quality mark.

Green Key

As an organisation, we are consciously concerned with sustainability. That is why we are proud that a number of EuroParcs holiday parks have received the Green Key, the largest sustainability label for the tourism and recreational sector with approximately 1,600 participants worldwide. The aim of the label is to save the environment among other things. We do this by using energy and water economically, by using environmentally friendly cleaning products and by producing less waste. We are committed to separating as much waste as possible and trying to recycle where possible. In addition to nature and the environment, sustainability also encompasses social involvement. This includes collaborations with charities, nature organizations and involvement with local parties.


EuroParcs is committed to meeting the required standards as quickly as possible and to minimizing the size of the ecological footrpint our company leaves on nature, the environment and humans. In doing so, we as a company go just a step further than the normal laws and regulations require. With the Green Key we want to show you as a guest that we consider sustainable business of importance to us.

Public transport

EuroParcs holiday parks with a Green Key verification mark are generally easy to reach by public transport.

Read more about the Green Key quality mark (NL)

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