May 24, 2022


5 beautiful hikes in the Netherlands


The nature in the Netherlands is so varied! Each province has its own character. It is therefore worthwhile to explore the surroundings by bike or on foot during your holiday. And the nice thing is that many walking routes start from the holiday park. Through the nodes of the regional hiking network you'll discover the most beautiful spots. So put on your walking shoes and walk through forests, over dunes and heaths. We have listed 5 beautiful walking routes in the Netherlands which start at the holiday park.

These 5 hikes start at a holiday park

1. IJzerenbos from EuroParcs Limburg

2. Stroll around the Holtmühle from EuroParcs Maasduinen

3. Hiking route around EuroParcs De Kraaijenbergse Plassen

4. Hike from EuroParcs IJsselmeer & Medemblik

5. Along the river IJssel from EuroParcs Marina Strandbad

6. Bonus: wooden shoes path from EuroParcs De Wije Werelt

1. Walking through the IJzerenbos in Limburg

Through extensive forests, along babbling brooks and over the rolling hills of central Limburg. This almost 8 kilometre long walking route takes you through the nature reserve Het IJzerenbos. You can start your route at various points: at the Hommelheide estate, Susteren station or from EuroParcs Limburg. From here, an unpaved path leads you along the Middelsgraaf, a meandering stream that was dug in the 13th century as a drainage ditch. The walking route then takes you southwards through green meadows, over rolling hills and along streams to the IJzerenbos nature reserve. After your walk, settle down at the terrace of EuroParcs Limburg for a drink or take a dip in the nature pool.

  • Length: 9,4 km

  • Difficulty: beginner

  • Walking junctions: 5-30-26-47-46-33-44-31-12-10-9-7-5

Hiking Limburg

2. Walking in the Maasduinen: round Holtmühle

This walking route in North Limburg leads through the Maas Dunes. This area between the Maas and the German border was formed in the Ice Age when rivers such as the Rhine and the Maas brought in a lot of sand. This created a varied landscape of shifting dunes, higher and lower sand grounds and the Maas valley. Start and finish of this walking route is EuroParcs Maasduinen where you walk straight into the Maasduinen.

  • Length: 8.17 km

  • Difficulty: Beginners

  • Walking junctions: 4-5-6-87-88-19-23-20-17-3-4

Maasduinen National Parkheather europarcs heathlands

3. Rambling route around the Kraaijenbergse Plassen

The Kraaijenbergse Plassen in North Brabant came into existence because a lot of gravel, sand and small stones were excavated here around 1968. The holes filled up with water and thus the Kraaijenbergse Plassen were born. Now the nature reserve is popular as a recreation and water sports area. Some places are accessible by boat or canoe and you can swim or surf there. There is also a special resting area for animals and water birds such as bank swallows and coots. You can also walk a route around the water. This walking route starts near EuroParcs De Kraaijenbergse Plassen. First you will walk to the north and pass the village of Linden which is surrounded by water, then the route will take you to the west along the banks of the Kraaijenbergse Plassen. Along the way you will be treated to beautiful views. After the walk you can have a drink on the terrace or dine in the EuroParcs De Kraaijenbergse Plassen restaurant.

  • Length: 7 km

  • Difficulty: Beginners

  • Wandelknooppunten: 72-70-71-95-96-72

Kraaijenbergse Plassenview-lake-sunset-europarcs-de-kraaijenbergse-plassen-2

4. Walking route along the IJsselmeer & Medemblik

The unique polder landscapes in North Holland lend themselves well to a walk. Your walking route starts at EuroParcs IJsselmeer. The first part you will walk along the shores of the IJsselmeer where you can see for miles. Watch the boats glide past in the water and enjoy the views. From the polder you can walk straight into Medemblik. The walking route will take you through the historic town that was granted town rights in 1289 and developed into a thriving port town. Everything here still exudes the atmosphere of yesteryear. On the way back, you walk along the water until you are back where you started: at EuroParcs IJsselmeer.

  • Length: 9,2 km

  • Difficulty: beginners

  • Wandelknooppunten: 8-53-54-51-52-55

Beach Sand EuroParcs IJsselmeerMolen IJsselmeer

5. Walking along the river IJssel and Hof te Dieren vineyard

Walk along the river IJssel and Hof te Dieren. In 1218, this estate was in the hands of the Teutonic Order, until Stadholder William II bought it in 1647. For a long time, this was the favourite hunting lodge of the Dutch royal family. Meanwhile, the hunting lodge no longer exists. On this spot, you will now find a vineyard surrounded by a 2.75-metre high wall. Within those walls, the most delicious grapes are grown, from which organic red, white and rosé wines are made. The best place to start your hike is from EuroParcs Marina Strandbad. From here, you can walk past fields with grazing cows. At the IJssel river you cross over by ferry to the town of Dieren and along the estate Hof te Dieren. The rest of the route takes you past Dieren again, where you take the ferry back to EuroParcs Marina Strandbad. After this walk, a snack and a drink in the holiday park's restaurant taste even better!

  • Length: 9.4 km

  • Difficulty: beginner

  • Walking junction: P16-22-92


Bonus: Eeskoterpad on the Veluwe

This Klompenpad takes you right through farm fields, across farmyards, across heathland and over sand dunes. The Eeskoterpad is a varied hiking route and because you will be walking through agricultural areas and on private property, dogs are not allowed on these trails. The official starting point is Café Restaurant de Waldhoorn in Otterlo, but you can also start your route at other places, such as holiday park EuroParcs De Wije Werelt. If desired, you can shorten or extend the walk to 12 or 17 kilometres. And if you end your route back at on of our holiday parks at the Veluwe, you can immediately drop in for a refreshing drink.

  • Length: 15 kilometres (possibility of shortening/extending to 12 or 17 kilometres)

  • Level of difficulty: medium

  • Route marking: green clog. You can walk the route in a clockwise direction or in a counter-clockwise direction.

20220518-EuroParcs - De Hoge Veluwe-136sand-view-national=park-de-hoge-veluwe