May 24, 2022

7x relaxing in a holiday home with wellness facilities


Holiday home with sauna, hot tub or jacuzzi?

What could be finer than relaxing in a jacuzzi, hot tub or letting off steam in a sauna? And after your zen moment, rolling into bed in your holiday home. This is the place to be: 7x relaxing in a holiday home with wellness facilities.

These holiday homes all have a sauna, hot tub or jacuzzi. Here you can enjoy your private spa or socialise with friends or family. Some of our cottages are perfect for a romantic weekend away for two, in other cottages there is room for the whole family. Some of our tiny houses are also situated around a courtyard where you can share a hot tub with friends. Looking for more privacy? Then there is also a wellness holiday home for you.

7x relaxing in a holiday home with wellness facilities

1. In a Tiny House with shared hot tub

2. Holiday home with jacuzzi

3. Holiday home with infrared sauna

4. Holiday home with private hot tub

5. Enjoying the outdoor sauna

6. Wooden holiday home with sauna

7. Wellness Lodge with hot tub and sauna

8. Bonus: bubbling in a tree house

1. Bubbling in the shared hot tub at your tiny house

With a glass of wine in hand under the twinkling stars in the hot tub. This bohemian-style tiny house with hot tub at EuroParcs Beekbergen has room for two. You share the hot tub with the other houses around the cosy courtyard. On chilly evenings, you light the pellet stove in your tiny house. And if you dive into bed at night, you can stare at the stars all night long through the skylight right above your bed.

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tiny-house-2-hottub-europarcs-beekbergen Beekbergen Tiny House 2 Bedroom

2. Becoming Zen in a holiday home with a jacuzzi

As if you had landed in a private spa. This luxury holiday home with a jacuzzi for 4 people is perfect for a romantic weekend for two, but also for a relaxing midweek with friends. From the jacuzzi, you will dive into your bed rosy. This holiday home with a jacuzzi and sauna is at EuroParcs Koningshof in the picturesque village of Schoorl. You can cycle to the beach in half an hour. Who are you going to surprise with a weekend away in this holiday home with a jacuzzi?

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Koningshof accommodations Koningshof Koningshoeve sauna 4 jacuzzi

3. Sweating in a holiday home with infrared sauna

The warm interior alone will make you feel completely zen. In this luxury holiday home at EuroParcs Bad Hoophuizen with private sauna, you can let off some steam. Wonderful after a busy week at work or a time-consuming project. The Modus Wellness 2 is suitable for two people. The sauna is located in the bathroom, just like the freestanding bathtub. Isn't it a picture?

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Modus Wellness Bad Hoophuizen badhoophuizen-modus-wellness

4. Enjoying your holiday home with its own hot tub

Staying in a holiday home with a hot tub or bubble bath or whatever you want to call it, means: bubbling until you drop. Like in this holiday home for 6 people at EuroParcs Marina Strandbad, for example. Not only does it have its own hot tub in the garden, this holiday home also has a covered veranda. A lovely place to relax!

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Marina Strandbad Cosy Unique Plus 6 Terrace Marina Strandbad Cosy Unique Plus Hottub 6

5. Holiday home with outdoor sauna as in Sweden

A little bit of Sweden in the Netherlands. Well, as far as the sauna is concerned. Because this luxury holiday home has a real outdoor sauna, as it should be. This 4-person house is located at EuroParcs De Noordwijkse Duinen, about 2 km from the sea. So you drive or cycle to the beach in no time. When will you visit this holiday home with outdoor sauna?

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Noordwijkse Duinen Deluxe 4 Sauna Exterior Noordwijkse Duinen Deluxe 4 Sauna

6. Holiday in a wooden holiday home with sauna in Limburg

This may look like a typical Austrian chalet, but it is located in the rolling hills of Limburg at EuroParcs De Brunssummerheide. This wooden holiday home can accommodate the whole family or a group of friends. There is room for 12 people in total. And if you want to unwind, just close the door of the sauna behind you. There are several holiday homes with a traditional sauna or an infrared sauna.

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Brunssummerheide Boekhorst l-Etage Sauna 12 wellness-sauna-europarcs-spaarnwoude

7. Relaxing in Drenthe in this holiday home with hot tub and sauna

If the surrounding nature doesn't relax you, this holiday home with hot tub and sauna will. Because here, surrounded by tall trees, is this cottage for two where you can completely unwind. It is located at EuroParcs De Wiltzangh in the beautiful Drenthe countryside. Between the trees in the open air is your hot tub. And inside the bathroom of your holiday home, you will find an infrared sauna. The nice thing is: you can just stay the night. For a weekend or a whole week.

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De Wiltzangh Wellness Lodge 2 Exterior De Wiltzangh Wellness Lodge 2 Jacuzzi

Bonus: a hot tub in the trees

Of course, we cannot miss this magnificent spot in Ruinen, Drenthe. Tree House XXL 6 is anything but a traditional holiday home with wellness facilities, but a real tree house where you can sit in a hot tub above the trees. And before you think: wait, but isn't a tree house very primitive? Believe us, this one is equipped with all luxury (it even has a dishwasher) and you can fit no less than six people in it.

Take a look at the Treehouse

Ruinen Treehouse XXL 6 Exterior Ruinen Treehouse XXL 6 Living

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