July 02, 2024


Employee finds mysterious paw print at holiday park...

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Mysterious events keep staff busy at EuroParcs holiday parks

What started with small oddities, such as displaced items in a holiday home and traces of earth on the reception floor, has now culminated with the discovery of strange paw prints. This paw print, found by Ingrid from reception at EuroParcs De Wije Werelt, is the talk of the day among staff. What does this mysterious find mean and what else would happen at the parks?

One quiet evening, while walking along the forest edge of the holiday park, Ingrid discovers a series of mysterious tracks. An unknown presence seems to be hiding in the shadows of the woods and holiday parks. What could it be?

Within seconds, Ingrid's curiosity was piqued. At first hesitant, but then driven by an irresistible urge, she followed the footsteps deeper into the forest. Suddenly, she heard a noise and saw something moving. Her heart beat in her throat and she quickened her pace. She had to know what was hiding in the shadows of the forest. The distance it seemed to take suggested not danger, but more of an invitation. Suddenly, the trail had disappeared. Ingrid looked around. Her gaze flitted from tree to tree, her hands rooting through the earth and leaves. And then, in the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of something mysterious. A sparkle of colours. Her fingers dug through the cold, damp soil and revealed... a paw print? It was almost human-sized, with four 'fingers'. Each marked with a cryptic symbol that begged to be deciphered.

With a trembling voice, she called the park manager. "This is going to sound like madness" she began. "But I found something... a paw print with marks, here in the forest." The park manager's doubts were almost palpable through the phone. "Go home, Ingrid. You had a long day," was his incredulous reply.

Discouraged, but still determined, Ingrid took pictures of the paw print. If words did not convince, images would. The pictures spread like wildfire among colleagues and soon everyone was enthralled by the mystery. What did this print mean? A joke, a coincidence or a sign of something inexplicable?

To this day, the origin of the paw print remains a mystery, a whisper of something unknown waiting to be unravelled.