20220414-EuroParcs - Floriade

The Rebel House

The Rebel House

The Rebel House, whose shell of pre-milled CLT wood can be assembled in one day, is unique in its unconventional and sustainable design. For example, the ceramic façade by Studio Christine Jetten uses fine dust in the glaze. Technical installations, such as the heat pump, are incorporated in the legs and the recreational home is fully controlled by the most advanced and smart home automation. The energy generated by solar panels is stored in batteries processed in the legs for use at another time. Completely self-sufficient and not to forget a beautiful view!

The Rebel House - Floriade The Rebel House - Floriade

Modular bathroom

This bathroom is modular. This means that you can take it out in its entirety via the pull-out wall and put in a new bathroom module in no time at all. This saves time and money, but above all it is sustainable and circular. The old bathroom can be taken out and a new one put in, the old bathroom module can be reused in its entirety elsewhere or disassembled in a circular way.

Smart home automation                        

You can control everything in this home via this innovative and smart home automation system, from the TV, radio, music, climate control, lighting and skylight to the locks. You can also order food, report a malfunction to reception or already book a new holiday via EuroParcs' reservation system.

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