Dog playing on the beach

Holiday with a dog by the sea

Holidays with your dog by the sea

The best place to go on holiday with your dog? As far as we are concerned, nothing beats a holiday with your dog by the sea. At EuroParcs, you will find several parks close to the sea and the beach where dogs are welcome.

What does a beach holiday with your dog look like?

You start the day with a relaxing walk or bike ride by the sea. The vast beaches in the Netherlands invite you to walk for kilometres, while the sand is great for romping around in with your dog. Along the coast you will find special dog beaches. However, rules regarding leashing do apply here depending on the season and day. Usually, dogs are allowed to run free early in the morning and in the evening. End the day well on the beach and watch the sun slowly sink into the sea. There is nothing better than a holiday by the sea with your dog. Take a quick look at all our holiday parks by the sea.

sunset-dog-veluwemeer Man and Dog Stand up paddling