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Drenthe's (World) Heritage

Heritage in Drenthe

As a Dutch province, Drenthe is rich in beautiful and unspoilt nature. But did you know that Drenthe also has a lot to offer culturally? For example, the province boasts UNESCO World Heritage Sites that have been awarded the European Heritage Label. During your stay at one of our EuroParcs holiday parks in Drenthe, a visit to these heritage sites should not be missed!

Drents Museum

The central hub of Drenthe's culture and history is surely the Drents Museum, located in Assen. In this museum, you will find various exhibitions dedicated to Drenthe's archaeology, art and history. For those who want to get to know the province of Drenthe, the Drents Museum is really a must-see. The museum has very diverse and changing exhibitions, from artworks made in Drenthe by Vincent van Gogh and self-portraits of artists from the 18th century to the bog body of the girl of Yde. You can also visit the brasserie of the museum for a snack and a drink.

Farm Reconstruction DrentheBartje Drenthe Museum

Memorial Centre Camp Westerbork

Memorial Centre Camp Westerbork in Hooghalen is a museum that tells the story of tens of thousands of Jews who were deported from this camp during the Second World War to various concentration camps such as Auschwitz and Sobibor. On the site of the former internment camp, in addition to various exhibitions, you can also see reconstructed buildings, which bring history back to life. But during your visit you will also find out that the terrain was used for other purposes before and after Second World War the site was also used for other purposes.


An absolute must during your stay is of course admiring the famous dolmens with your own eyes. These enormous boulders served as burial chambers for the Funnel Beaker people, in which many grave goods have been found. Drenthe has no less than 52 hunebeds in total. Especially for this reason, there is a selection of hunebeds called 'the Big Five', so that you do not have to search for them all.  You can also discover most of the hunebeds by driving along the Hunebed Highway (N34). You can find out everything about the dolmens and the Funnel Beaker people at the Hunebed Centre in Borger.

WesterborkHunebed Dolmen Drenthe

Geopark de Hondsrug

UNESCO World Heritage Site Geopark de Hondsrug is a large area stretching from Groningen in the north to Weiteveen in the south. It is not just any area, it is a sand ridge that millions of years ago was the only place in this region near the Wadden Sea where you could live high and dry. The area has known ice ages and has had various inhabitants throughout the centuries, such as the Neaderthals and the Funnel Beaker people. It is not without reason that this special area is on the UNESCO World Heritage List! Discover it by following various beautiful cycling and walking routes or follow the Hunebed Highway (N34) that runs straight through the Hondsrug area.

Colonies of Weldedom

In 1818, Johannes van den Bosch founded the 'Maatschappij van Weldadigheid' with the aim of giving the poorest citizens of the Netherlands the chance of a better life. In this new society, several colonies were founded and the first of these was called Frederiksoord. Today, you can discover the remnants of this so-called 'test colony', or large-scale social experiment, by bike or on foot. For example, many colonial houses and a grid of main and side roads are still intact. Museum De Proefkolonie in Frederiksoord tells you the story of the colony and the first colonists by means of a multimedia time travel.

FrederiksoordMuseum De Proefkolonie

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