zutphen skyline


Zutphen towers above everything

That is the slogan of the medieval Hanseatic city. The historic city center of Zutphen in Gelderland has ten towers to which it also owes its nickname Tower City. Here in Zutphen you take a walk back in time, because the city walls and ramparts also date from the Middle Ages.

Medieval city center

When you walk through the streets of Zutphen, you can imagine yourself in the Middle Ages. A real eye-catcher is the Walburgis Church from 1050, just like the Drogenapstoren from 1444, the Bourgonjetoren from 1457, the Kruid Toren and the Wijnhuistoren. The Broederenk church also dates from the Middle Ages and the Nieuwstads church dates from about 1250. If you are a bookworm, De Librije, a library from 1561, will delight you. Here in Zutphen, old and new go hand in hand. You can also enjoy shopping in the boutiques or sit down on one of the terraces on the Groenmarkt or Houtmarkt.

zutphen hanzestad

In the area

The woods and water-rich surroundings of Zutphen invite you for a long walk or to go cycling. The bocage landscape and the houtwallen of the Achterhoek alternate here.