Holiday parks near Breda

Hospitable Breda

In cosy Breda you can taste the hospitality of Brabant. Stroll through the beautiful, historic inner city with its cosy shops, bars, restaurants and entertainment venues that have earned Breda the title of 'Best Entertainment City'.

The city centre of Breda

Apart from shopping, Breda is also a great place to soak up culture. For example, you can step back in time in the Breda Castle which dates from 1353 and was converted into a renaissance palace in the sixteenth century. Nowadays, it is military terrain and can only be visited with a guide. Another fairy-tale castle is Bouvigne Castle with its beautiful gardens and orchard. Another place of interest is the Municipal Museum Breda where you can learn everything about the history and art of Breda. In the middle of the Grote Markt is the church, the Onze Lieve Vrouwe Kerk Breda, which you can climb. And if you like art, then a walk along the Blind Walls Gallery is highly recommended. This route takes you along about 80 colourful murals and graffiti in the city centre and at unique spots outside it.

breda streets noord-brabant the netherlands Onze Lieve Vrouwe Kerk Breda Noord-Brabant the Netherlands

In the area

There is a lot of nature in and around Breda. Lovely to explore on foot or by bike. Such as the nature reserve of the Markdal (Mark valley) to the south of Breda, through which the little river Mark flows. This picturesque landscape is good for walking and cycling on one of the marked paths. It is situated right next to the Mastbos, where you can walk a forester's path between centuries-old trees. More unknown walking routes can be found in the Barony of Breda. About half an hour's drive from Breda is the enchanting fairy-tale world called the Efteling.

mastbos breda noord-brabant the netherlands Mastbos Breda Noord-Brabant the Netherlands