Kampen Overijssel Netherlands

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Kampen: the most beautiful cityscape in the Netherlands

Kampen has already inspired many painters. The view over the IJssel on the harbor, city quay and the many historic buildings are so special that Kampen bears the name of 'one of the most beautiful cityscapes in the Netherlands'. That alone is reason enough to plan a day in Kampen from our nearby EuroParcs holiday parks.

Hanseatic city of Kampen

The popularity of Kampen among day trippers indicates that the special Hanseatic city still has a regional function. In the fourteenth and the first half of the fifteenth century, this strategically located place, at the estuary of the IJssel and therefore also on the Zuiderzee, was one of the most powerful cities in northwestern Europe. The city mainly acquired its name with the Ommelandvaart: the trip around Denmark to the Baltic Sea. Take a walking tour of the city with a guide to learn all about its rich history.

Kampen Overijssel Netherlands

Museums & Culture in Kampen

Not only the ancient history of the city makes it worth visiting Kampen, there is also much to experience in the Hanseatic city today. Get to know the traditional culture of Kampen and stroll along the nicest artisan shops by taking the Ambachtelijke Route. Do you love museums and art? Then Kampen has a lot to offer you with, for example, the City Archives, the Stedelijk Museum, the Huys der Kunsten and the many art exhibitions. The shoppers among us will also find excellent options in Kampen with its many shops, large and small.

In the area

In and around Kampen you can also enjoy a lovely walk through the historic streets and alleys, the old city park and along the water of the IJssel. Cycling through the beautiful Mastenbroek polder landscape and tasting local regional products is the perfect combination. For example, two tasting routes have been developed, which you can download for free!