Paasvakantie Zeeland (BE)

Holiday parks near Breskens

Seaside resort Breskens

Breskens is the maritime seaside resort of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, with its 4 kilometres of sandy beach as its main attraction. There's always plenty to do along the water's edge. Stroll along the beach, take a look at the octagonal lighthouse or taste the sea and enjoy fresh fish in one of Breskens' fish restaurants.

Sun, sea and fish in Breskens

Because of the high number of sun hours per year, the kilometres of beach at Breskens are popular with sun worshippers and walkers. You can taste the sea everywhere and enjoy Zeeland's delicacies such as fresh oysters, mussels and the Westerschelde lobster. At the entrance to the Westerschelde, the octagonal lighthouse 'Nieuwe Sluis' watches over the area. It is still in use and you can visit it at weekends from April to October. If you want to discover more about the history of the fishing village of Breskens, you should visit the Visserijmuseum. At the museum there is also a sea aquarium where, among other things, lobsters and sharks swim. Are you coming to Breskens in August? Then the village is under the spell of the famous fishing festivals that attract thousands of tourists.

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Surroundings Breskens

Within half an hour you can drive to Sluis, the place for foodies and culture lovers. You can get your teeth into Burgundian dishes and have a fantastic dinner in the star restaurant La Trinité. From Breskens you can also easily reach the Verdronken Zwarte Polder, a nature reserve that was so named when it flooded in 1802. Nowadays, the beach, dunes and thickets alternate here and it is a great place for walking and cycling.