Construction Deals

Construction Deals

Construction Deals

Book your holiday with a nice discount? A number of our holiday parks are still under development. Some parks are brand new and still partly under construction, others are being extended so that you can enjoy your holiday even more in the future. This is why we have created the Construction Deals.

What are Construction Deals?

When you book a Construction Deal, you receive a discount on your stay at a park under construction. Of course we do our utmost to keep any inconvenience to you as a guest to a minimum. Nevertheless, you may notice some construction work in the park from time to time. That is why we offer these Construction Deals with lower prices! Below are all of the Construction Deals available at the moment.

EuroParcs De IJssel Eilanden

Construction Deals

  • 20% discount on arrivals until 9 January 2023

  • Depending on ongoing construction work, the action may be extended

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EuroParcs De IJssel Eilanden - header

EuroParcs Ruinen

Construction Deals

  • 25% discount on stays at Hackfort 6

  • geldig op verblijven t/m 2 december 2022

View Hackfort 6 at EuroParcs Ruinen

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