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Fireworks-free holiday parks

Escape the fireworks this New Year's Eve

Enjoy a bang-free New Year's Eve together in your cosy holiday home! EuroParcs has a number of fireworks-free holiday parks where you can escape the crowds and fireworks during New Year's Eve.

  • Escape from the hustle and bustle of New Year's Eve

  • Ideal for frightened children or pets

  • Wonderfully secluded in the middle of nature

EuroParcs fireworks-free holiday parks

No need for stressed-out pets or frightened children at New Year's Eve? You don't have to! At EuroParcs, you can enjoy a quiet and bang-free stay at our fireworks-free holiday parks, close to the coast. You'll be on the beach in no time.

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Fireworks-free holiday parks: fireworks ban

At our fireworks-free holiday parks, it is forbidden to light fireworks at the turn of the year, and thanks to the favourable location, the risk of fireworks nuisance in the vicinity of the holiday park is kept to a minimum. So you'll be far away from the crowds. Happy holidays!

Please note: these holiday parks are very popular during this period, so book in time

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