November 01, 2021

Tiny House friends weekend in Limburg


Tiny House friends weekend in Limburg

That annual weekend getaway with your friends is upon us again. This year, it is your job to organise the weekend. But to where? You've already been to most European cities and you want to try something different for once.

A weekend in a group accommodation somewhere in the Netherlands might quickly come to mind. But why not surprise your friends with a unique stay like a Tiny House friends weekend? You probably won't fit the whole group into one Tiny House, but with five Tiny Houses together, you can stay with up to 10 people in the same circle. This way you all have your privacy and can still do things together.

View the Tiny Houses

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Tiny Houses with social space

While many people spend a weekend in a Tiny House to recharge their batteries by living minimalist, the Tiny Houses are perfect for a fun weekend with your friends. The Tiny Houses are located on a spacious social space that you share with fellow Tiny House residents. This social space includes a large fire pit with benches, sheltered terraces and a hot tub where you can spend the long summer nights or cold winter days in comfort.

Complete the Tiny House friends weekend

Whether you stay in Tiny Houses alone, as a couple or with a group of friends, the social space invites you to gather around the fire in the evening. At EuroParcs Maasduinen, it is possible to book a BBQ package. This package is taken care of down to the last detail with various types of (vegetarian) meat, salads, sauces and bread. Ask about this at reception before your stay!

EuroParcs Maasduinen is located in northern Limburg between Roermond and Venlo. The beautiful sloping landscape even feels a bit foreign. This difference in height can also be found at EuroParcs Maasduinen. The different levels make it an intimate park with all modern conveniences. During the Tiny House friends weekend, you can go here for fitness, wellness and the indoor swimming pool, among other things. If the weather is nice, you can relax at the natural lake with sandy beach.


Discover versatile Limburg

To make your Tiny House friends' weekend complete, it is possible to rent e-kickbikes at EuroParcs Maasduinen. On these electric scooters, you'll silently navigate through Maasduinen National Park, along the river Maas towards Venlo or one of the other routes specially mapped out for these scooters. 

In any case, there are plenty of things to do in the area around EuroParcs Maasduinen. Would you prefer a trip to a city? Then be sure to go to Roermond. Whether you like a beautiful historic city centre, Limburg gastronomy, shopping or water sports, this city has something for everyone.

Shop in the city centre or just outside the centre in the Designer Outlet. Sports-minded? Then be sure to visit the Maasplassen where you can practice various water sports or hire a boat.

Maasduinen National Park