EuroParcs De Zanding Sinterklaas Pieten Rooftop Cube

Celebrate Saint Nicholas 2024

Saint Nicholas is coming to EuroParcs

We are very happy, because Saint Nicholas and his helpers are coming to EuroParcs again this year! This time they will make it one big, cozy party with you and mum and dad, but of course also with grandpa and grandma. You can come and put your handmade shoe with us. How nice is that?

Sweethearts get treats

Saint Nicholas and his helpers are coming to EuroParcs! That is why you will receive a shoe craft package. With this package you can make your own shoe in your holiday home, especially for Saint Nicholas. Afterwards, you can put your shoe at the reception desk. Who knows, Sinterklaas might have some time to put something in it...

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Find the Golden Chocolate Letter

DichtPiet lost his Golden Chocolate Letter at one of our holiday parks. And without it, DichtPiet cannot write poems to accompany your Saint Nicholas presents. Upon arrival at the park, all children will receive a Sinterklaas story and tips on where to look for the Golden Chocolate Letter. Will you help look for it?

Saint Nicholas