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The Mummy Challenge

The Mummy Challenge at EuroParcs

Are you taking part in the #themummychallenge at EuroParcs? Very clever, because you can win great prices!

How to participate in The Mummy Challenge?

Make a video and wrap your brother, sister, father, mother or friend quickly and creatively and post it on Instagram with #themummychallenge.

What can you win?

From the most original videos by participants of #themummychallenge, we will choose the winners. You have a chance to win the following adrenaline-raising prizes:

  1. A balloon ride for 2

  2. 4 times 2 ticket for Walibi

So enter soon and who knows, you might win one of these prizes!

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The Mummy Challenge together with The Good Roll

Because we as EuroParcs want to do the challenge responsibly, we have chosen to use The Good Roll for the #themummychallenge. This is a 100% tree-friendly toilet roll, made of European recycled paper. In addition, 50% of the net profit from The Good Roll will be used to build toilets in various countries in Africa, how wonderful is that!

Reuse of toilet paper

Don't throw the toilet paper away after performing #themummychallenge. You can reuse it as toilet paper or use it for crafts with our EuroParcs toppers Jeffrey and Ashley.

Mummy kids halloween

The Good Roll at EuroParcs

Did you know that 3.6 billion people have no access to clean sanitary facilities? That's why EuroParcs is partnering with The Good Roll for #themummychallenge. The Good Roll puts half of its profit into building sustainable and clean toilets in Africa. This will improve the hygiene of many people in developing countries. The Good Roll offers toilet paper made from recycled material that prevents unnecessary felling of trees.

Let's make the world less shitty

In doing so, EuroParcs is contributing to The Good Roll's goal of building 5,000 toilets and improving 1.5 million lives by 2028. EuroParcs is keen to do its bit to achieve this. Let's make the world less shitty.

toilet paper

Crafting with The Good Roll

After completing the #themummychallenge, you'll have leftover toilet paper that you'll need to reuse. Put a pile of sheets next to the toilet or join in with our animation team and use the toilet paper to make one of the three creeps below. Then hang it in front of the window so everyone in the park can admire your creepy creation!

Make your own Frankenstein

Make your own bat

Make your own ghostly garland

How to make a mummy