July 19, 2022

5x things to do in the vicinity of EuroParcs De Wiedense Meren

Belterwijde omgeving EuroParcs De Wiedense Meren - Irene

Discover 5 best activities near EuroParcs De Wiedense Meren

Water. Wherever you look here, you see water. Holiday Park EuroParcs De Wiedense Meren is the place to get into a boat and explore National Park Weerribben-Wieden, but also to play the tourist in Giethoorn or discover secret jungle paths in the Orchideeën Hoeve. In this blog: 5x things to do in the vicinity of EuroParcs De Wiedense Meren.

5 tips in the area

1. Explore the area by boat

2. Attend a performance at Shakespeare's Theatre

3. Explore the Venice of the North: Giethoorn

4. Take a trip to Meppel

5. Discover secret jungle trails at the Orchideeënhoeve

1. Boating or canoeing in National Park Weerribben-Wieden

Sailing in a whisper boat or rolling up your sleeves in a canoe: in National Park Weerribben-Wieden, you can enjoy sailing everywhere. Over wide lakes and through narrow canals. The best part is of course anchoring somewhere and taking a dip. Tip: take some nice things with you and moor your boat somewhere along the way for a picnic (don't leave any rubbish behind of course). You can bring yo own boat and moor it in the EuroParcs De Wiedense Meren marina (on request) or hire a sloop, canoe or kayak from Nijenhuis in Wanneperveen.

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Weerribben Wieden nationaal park weerribben-wieden

2. Attending a performance in the Shakespeare theatre in Diever

This open air theatre is so cool! The Shakespearetheatre is located in the middle of the forests of Diever, half an hour's drive from EuroParcs De Wiedense Meren. In the summer you can watch various performances here. This summer, the famous Shakespeare story 'The Merchant of Venice' comes to life here. Be sure to make a reservation!

Photo credit: Koen Timmerman

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Shakespearetheater Diever Foto credit: Koen Timmerman

3. Being a tourist in Giethoorn

On summer days, Giethoorn is teeming with tourists, but oh, how cozy it is! With its thatched houses, boats and bridges, picturesque Giethoorn is one big open-air museum. The beating heart is the Dorpsgracht. In the past, peat was cut here and transported across the canals by boat. Of course, you can sail under bridges in a boat, but did you know that you can also walk here? In total, there are about 550 kilometres of marked hiking trails in the area. You can also find a few terraces along the Dorpsgracht and in Museumboerderij t Olde Maat Uus, you can dive into Giethoorn's past.

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giethoorn-europarcs-reestervallei De Reestervallei-surroundings-giethoorn

4. Days out in Meppel

Meppel may be small, but it is a very pleasant place. In the characteristic town centre, you will find historic buildings, canals and small bridges. In the middle of the centre is the Printing Museum, where you can learn everything about printing. Super fun for children too, because they can go on a great treasure hunt and play circuit. If you come to Meppel during the summer months, you'll find yourself in the middle of the party. In August, every Thursday is Meppeldag, with changing themes. How about a 'Las Vegas Wedding' and 'Open NK Armwrestling' during the Meppel Goes USA day? Or Mokum in Meppel, where you can sing along with performances by Amsterdam folk singers in the centre of Meppel.

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Meppel Shopping area Meppel Molen

5. Discovering secret jungle paths at the Orchideeën Hoeve

Time for adventure! Because what could be better than crossing a rickety rope bridge, discovering secret jungle paths or feeding river monsters? At the Orchideeën Hoeve in Luttelgeest, young (and older) adventurers can indulge themselves. It is located approximately a 20-minute drive from EuroParcs De Wiedense Meren. Here, you will find much more than just orchids. There are monkeys, flamingos, turtles and meerkats. During a meeting with a ranger, you will learn everything about the animals. Tip: in July and August, there is a Jungle Freak Show every day, where you learn how to survive in the Jungle. Do you dare to eat an insect, for example?

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Orchideeen Hoeve bridge Luttelgeest Netherlands Orchideeen Hoeve flamingo Luttelgeest Netherlands

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